Hello my name is John

I'm a Jersey guy, but I lived in Manhattan for a while. I've worked in NYC for most of my adult life and for the last 15 or so years taken advantage of that to pursue my hobby of street photography.

I'm attracted to the interesting details and drama that are shrouded by the mundane flow of everyday life.

I haven't been practicing my craft for the last couple of years because I've been working out of my house and am too lazy to go on specifc photo trips. I'm feeling an itchy shutter finger, though.

I use the standard techniques of street photography: shoot a lot, use zone and hyperfocal focusing, and estimating framing. For equipment I'm somewhat of a chronic Leicaphile. I've shot on everythign from the very first Leica, the A, to the almost current M240 digital rangefinder. One of my favorite street rigs is a Leica IIIa paired with a Voigtlander 21mm screwmount lens.

All of my photos are available as archival prints.

Thanks for looking!